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vacuum pressure treatment
Our vacuum treatment come in two colors:

  • green
  • brown

Water resistant treatment is being preformed with certified salt containing impralit®-KDS and Wolmanit® CX-8. This products has been approved and released for European wide use. The products are ideal for protecting all kinds of constructional timbers, used both internally and externally, for timbers in constant contact with earth and water, especially wood used in gardens and landscaping, playing apparatus, posts, palisades, fences, decking and many other applications. The salt based pressure boiler treatment is conducted to DIN specifications in boilers up to 16 meter in length and up to 3 meters in diameter.

Our dipping process come in two colors:

  • yellow
  • colorless

Our products are to be used preventively against wood-destroying fungi and insects. For the treatment of building and constructional timbers. It’s used to protect wood used both internally and externally, but with no ground contact Typical applications are log sidings, balcony cladding, pergolas ro constructional timber. The treatment is conducted to DIN specifications  up to 12 meter in length.