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Gebr. Heinzelmann Wood

    Garden & landscaping

    Our  decades of experience in pressure boiler treatment has enabled us to provide you with optimal products for outdoor conditions.

    Our products are perfectly for all your needs:

    We have a very large selection of stakes, post, palisades, fences, stockade, half sections, round bars, boards and squared timber. We can impregnate in green or brown. Your are also welcome to inquiry about special dimensions.

    Our range includes:

    • stakes and post in diameter  5 / 7 / 10 cm, 1,25 – 2,50 m length
    • palisades in diameter 10 / 12 / 14 cm, 1– 5 m length
    • half sections in diameter 8 / 10 cm 2,5 m, 4 und 5m length
    • boards
    • squared timber
    • half timber
    • cross timber
    • cross timber (core-free)

    In harmony with nature.

    We are well equipped for your garden. Whether piles using the boiler pressure treatment or ecologically using Douglas.  

    We have something for every nature lover. We are happy to make an special offer for you. Call us or write us an eMail.  

    Interest? Feel free to contact us!

    We look forward to your contact and would be happy to make you an offer.
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