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Gebr. Heinzelmann Wood

    Decorative wood blocks

    For all those who are looking for a wooden pillar or a wooden beam as decoration for their garden, our sawmill offers the wooden block decoration as a simple wooden product for your garden.

    The decorative wooden blocks are manufactured in our own factory and delivered in different dimensions and lengths according to your wishes. They each form a unique and unique piece for your garden. You are also welcome to use our blocks for garden parties, events or other occasions and to stage them effectively with both lanterns and bowls or fire bowls. We would be happy to advise you.

    Of course, you can also get our block of wood planed and in our most common types of wood such as spruce or Douglas fir.

    Our decorative wooden block

    • planed on request
    • in spruce or Douglas fir
    • available in different dimensions and lengths
    • from the native Black Forest
    • natural beauty and character
    • durable and universally applicable

    More nature for you

    Do something good for your garden and treat yourself to a decorative wooden block from the Black Forest! Convince your garden guests with natural beauty and pleasant character that our Douglas fir and spruce wood bring with them. Use our wooden block decoration for your private home as a platform, chair or even a television table. Our wooden block is also a nice accessory in the office.

    One thing is certain. Our wooden blocks are universally applicable and durable in every respect and an aesthetic mirror of nature. We look forward to your orders. Just give us a call at: Tel.: +49-(0)7834-8369-0

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