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Gebr. Heinzelmann Wood

Quality means sustainability. That's what we stand for.

In harmony with nature.


All our products are embossed with the FSC label which represents the environmentally friendly high standards associated with this certificate. In 1999 Heinzelmann was one of the first companies in the Black Forest to receive the international environmental FSC. Re-certified 2019 and next re-certification 2024 Certification number: SCS-COC-004757 The following types of wood and products are available in approved FSC® quality: Wood type: Spruce | Fir | Douglas | Pine | Larch. Products: Lumber to specifications, Knot free Boards, Palisades, Posts. Infos:
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Sustainability means thinking about the future.

The forest ecosystem is a network of effects in which every intervention has more than one consequence. Heinzelmann's tasks are therefore just as diverse. The goal: to improve sustainable forest management. With standards that take ecological, economic and social aspects into account. Download here!


We offer lumber according to DIN EN 1480-1. Lumber purchased under this certificate guarantees you that will have the DIN EN stability.

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All raw material are utilized:

The bark from the trees is used to produce mulch, topsoil or valuable fuel to produce electricity. The drying of the wood is being done with condensation dryers which consume low energy.

In harmony with nature.

The majority of our timber comes from local harvesting with minimized transport. Our computerized system of converting timber to lumber optimizes the maximum use of the tree. The byproducts are being utilized 100%. The chips are going to paper mills and the sawdust is powering our drying condensers. All the energy for our equipment is without exception are powered by renewable energy coming from our own solar panels or hydro station. We also olnyuse electric forklifts.

Wood & Energy


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