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Gebrüder Heinzelmann Enterprise

Gebrüder Heinzelmann enterprise is located in the heart of the Black Forest. This region is known for its numerous forest reserves and for its quality timber.

Your individual order will be met using the state of the art chipping and frame saw machinery. Planing is available as well. Our decades of experiencein vacuum pressure treatment guarantees best resistance against all weather conditions. Our two autoclaves, one 6m in length the other 3m in diameter, provide optimal conditions for best treatment. The drying operation is preformed in an energy efficient low temperature condense dryer which ensures an excellent product.

Our vision & mission

In harmony with nature

Our enterprise lives with and from the renewable natural raw material, trees. Our mission is to harvest and process the timber with respect to nature, employees, supplier and to exceed our customers highest expectations

In accordance with our vision and mission all our equipment is powered by renewable energy. Solar, water and biomass energy are used exclusively to run our machinery.


In 1855 Gebrüder Heinzelmann founded the company. He was a local pub owner and the local wood salesman. It is his name which represents us today. The enterprise became GH when his two sons, Christoph and Christian continued in their father footsteps. One of the brothers daughters married in the third generation, Georg Koch. This family line still runs and operates the Gebrüder Heinzelmann enterprise in the sixth generation.